Thursday, January 22, 2015


We had another tremendous service on Sunday!  Pastor John Miner did an excellent job on our Sunday School lesson: Hold Human Life Sacred.  Sunday was Sanctify of Life Sunday, which marked another anniversary of the day abortion was made legal.  Or tragically: the day murder became legal.

It is unbelievable that our country allowed this; and it continues to be an accepted, everyday practice for millions.  The womb has become the most dangerous place in our world today. Tiny lives created in the image and likeness of God, yanked, torn and tossed into garbage cans as if those little bodies were of no value.  They may have been of little value to the mother and father who chose this, but they are precious in God's sight.  I like to believe that a special squadron of angels is assigned to these tiny little lives, hovering over them as they are ripped from the womb and then gently carry them to the arms of Jesus.  There He kisses their tiny little faces and welcomes them into the Joy of the Lord.

Abortion, murder of babies, is used to cover up sin: selfishness, greed, guilt, adultery, fornication. Babies conceived in lust and in the heat of illicit affairs, prostitution, one-night stands, sex outside of marriage. are considered  'evidence'.  Evidence of the sin.  Man in his attempt to cover his sin, uses this murder/abortion to sweep the evidence away.  But God sees.  And like all sin, He has the last say, the final word and the ultimate judgment which all will undergo one day.

Preacher preached a sermon: Fulfilling Your Destiny. It was not planned, but he built on the foundation that Pastor John had laid in Sunday School.  Because of sin those millions of aborted babies will not fulfill their earthly destiny.  Who knows the mighty men and women of God that were tragically destroyed before they were able to breathe their first breath.  How many great scientists, teachers, doctors, world leaders, were never given an opportunity to fulfill their destiny?  Who knows, perhaps one of those murdered babies would have been the one to find the cure for cancer. Something to think about and weep over.

Preacher reminded us that God has a plan for our lives.  It is a plan that will bring good and not evil.  It is a plan that will bring freedom and not bondage; it is a plan that will bring life and not death.  This is why abortion is such a tragedy.  I Samuel 49:1 reminds us that we are known and receive our destiny while still in the womb!  He knows us, watches over us as our bones are knit together.  He sees our organs as they form and fall into the proper place and the rhythm of life. He rejoices when our tiny little heart takes its first beat.  He knows.  He speaks over us, "This is the one!"....and He anoints us with a great destiny.  

Once we arrive on earth and are placed in our parents' arms, every force from Satan and every obstacle on earth will attempt to separate us from our destiny.  Parents do the best they can but they are human and can set children up for failure.  It could be addictions, it could be generational curses, it could be birth defects, it could be mental, physical disabilities, it could be accidents, it could be being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could be anything that tries to destroy us from fulfilling our destiny.

But, God gives us the power, puts us in places and positions so that someone will come along side us and assist us when we stumble and fall.  I was born into a family that was under a generational curse of alcoholism, addictions to nicotine, drugs and many other unspeakable sins.  But, God had a destiny for me.  I did not just fall into my destiny.  But He used a neighbor who lived across the hill to take an interest in me, spend time with me, invite me to church and faithfully take me to church.  She was an instrument in my destiny. She did her part; it was now in my hands.  I had to be willing to go to church, even when it seemed like every force would try to stop me and discourage me.  I had to open my ears and listen to the Word, even though I did not understand it.  When Pastor's father was preaching, I always thought, 'why is he yelling so much.'... I had to open my heart, my mind to God. So even though I had a destiny I had a part to fulfill, which only I could do.

Tragically many who have a destiny to serve God, get sidetracked, detoured and tangled up with the  cares of this life, the lusts of this life and the sins of this life. Instead of fulfilling their destiny and reaching out and helping others fulfill their destiny, they make their testimony and ministry null and void. If one is blindsided, drunken, body ravaged by disease due to poor choices, committing adultery AND refuses God's deliverance, they have no witness. God's plan is not...'do as I say not as I do'....but we, His called and elect, have a high standard of accountability!

 As Preacher reminded us, alcohol is deadly, nicotine and other drugs distort, destroy and deaden us to our destiny.  We are so like Esau, willing to trade our birthright, our destiny, for the pleasures of this world.  

So note to self; be sober, be vigilant, beware, be on guard...we have an adversary whose main purpose for existence is to keep us from our destiny!

So with that in mind we must be mindful of our DECISIONS.  Every day we make decisions, countless decisions.  Some of those decisions are insignificant; what to eat, what to wear, what newscast to watch, which route to take to work, what movies to watch.  Or are they?

We must keep in mind that there are consequences for our decisions; sometimes even those that seem so small and insignificant.  Eat the wrong foods or too much, drink and drive, go on a interviews improperly dressed, watch questionable movies; can have an impact on our Destiny.

Other decisions can be more deadly and impact not only our Destiny, but the Destiny of others.

Decisions to run that red light, go beyond the speed limit, pass when it is unsafe, text and drive, drink and drive and so on.

God has a Destiny for us!  Our decisions day by day has an impact on us fulfilling that Destiny.  So be wise today! 

We have an Advocate who is cheering for us.  We have a Helper: the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide, but only if we have ears to hear and a mind to receive. We have a God in Heaven who created us and loves us and wants only the best for us.

So, in view of all these great witnesses…we can ‘carry on’ and stay on the path for our Destiny!

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